Thursday, November 6, 2008

WGASIG: A Sort of Song

Every pundit in the world is offering this morning his or her take on why Obama won. For the most part, their reasons, no matter how disparate, are all valid. Yes, first-time voters gave Obama an insurmountable advantage. As did an unprecedented African-American voter turnout. Sure, changing demographics in states like Colorado, New Mexico, North Carolina and Florida also opened the door for a Democratic candidate in historically Red-leaning states. The collapse of the country's economy didn't exactly hurt Obama's candidacy either. Nor did George W. Bush, for that matter. Obama's netroots fundraising and organizational apparatus also played a huge part in his election. As did Hope. And McCain's cynical selection of Palin. The waning influence of the culture wars also helped make it possible for a black candidate to win the White House for the first time in American history.

These are all true, and, on any given day, I might argue for--or against--any or all of them, perhaps at the same time. They undoubtedly all factored into Obama's historic victory. Ultimately, though, I think Obama won for two simple reasons: 1.) he was a better candidate and 2.) he ran a better campaign.

That's how I like to read it anyway.

Pundits and historians can--and will--look at this election from every angle. As they should. There is a ton of valuable information to be divined from polls, demographics and voting trends.

Here at WGASIG, however, I'm going to try and keep things as simple as possible. And not just about the election. But about all my posts, whether they're focused on sports, popular culture, literature or other miscellany. As the subhead implies, this blog is primarily about the big picture. Although I won't always be successful, I'd like to keep to a minimum my forays into the details and leave the minutiae and analysis to the heavyweightsuber fans, stat geeks and dry-humpers of history, who are far more qualified-- and eager-- to explain the world than I.

I'd rather just offer wiseass commentary, like I would at a ball game, just as the Jesuits taught me.

Re: the blog's name? Well, I cribbed it from Major League, which some argue is the funniest baseball movie of all time. (Not even close.) In one scene, three Indians fans watch as Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn serves up a long home. As the ball nears the fence, one fan says, "too high;" the other, "too hard." They continue to argue about how, exactly, they knew the ball was going to leave the park well after the hitter has crossed home plate and Vaughn has already started drowning his sorrows in the shower. Finally, the third fan, exasperated, mutters, "Who gives a shit, it's gone."

My sentiments exactly.

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