Monday, July 19, 2010

David Lee

After the Knicks traded him to the Golden State Warriors, a trade I fully endorse, David Lee flew back to New York from his hometown of St. Louis to attend the funeral of the Knicks' longtime security official, because he had a hunch most of his former organization was either still preoccupied with free agency or in Las Vegas for the NBA's Summer League. He was right. The Times' Harvey Araton has the details:
After five years in New York, Lee had one final act of hustle on behalf of the Knicks, flying into town on Saturday night and getting in his car Sunday morning for a one hour drive to Airmont, N.Y., from his apartment on Manhattan’s West Side.

He knew much of the Knicks’ basketball staff would be working at the summer league in Las Vegas and he wanted to make sure that the team — given its extreme state of transition — would be represented.

The same team, of course, that could not wait to replace him with its latest high-end acquisition, Amar’e Stoudemire.
Knicks fans knocked Lee for a lot of basketball-related reasons, some of which were valid. None, though, ever derided Lee for a dearth of character. His number's never going to hang from the rafters at the Garden, but Lee's final act as a Knickerbocker serves as a fitting testament to a man who represented the team during one of their worst eras with dignity, professionalism and grace.

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