Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ebony Hillbillies

New York City boils in the summer. Early morning commutes, shoulder-to-shoulder combat in triple-digit temperatures, impress upon me daily what it must have felt like at Antietam. The city really is an ugly, evil place between July and September, especially during rush hour. Except for about 90 seconds every Thursday morning, when I catch a few moments of Ebony Hillbillies, a New York-based string and bluegrass band, who play underground in the Times Square station as part of the MTA’s Arts for Transit program. Those 90 seconds, roughly the amount of time it takes to transfer from the No. 2 train to the Q, almost make the whole miserable experience of going to work worth the sweaty effort. They are also one of those unexpected reminders of how great this city can be, even in the doggiest of dog days.

Here's a clip of Ebony Hillbillies performing in Times Square at an unspecified date, probably some time in the winter or early spring, judging by the band's attire. They've been playing underground at various stations for years.

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