Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mike Vaccaro Destroys Wilpons, Mets

The Post's Mike Vaccaro, the city's best sports columnist, lays into Mets owner Fred Wilpon. The Mets, caught up in a lawsuit filed by the trustee of the victims of Bernard Madoff's billion dollard Ponzi scheme, recently asked for and received a $25-million loan from Major League Baseball, despite Wilpon's repeated claims of financial solvency.
It's time to be completely forthright, completely forthcoming, to admit once and for all that he has been less than truthful these last two years, ever since Bernie Madoff's fraud was revealed to the world. It's time to admit that the Mets are a financial calamity, that they have been irresponsible to the millions of fans who support the team -- with their hearts and with their wallets. It's time to stop acting as if they are the victim of some complicated conspiracy that involves just about everyone except the other tabloid in town, which continues to serve as their personal town crier.
Vaccaro is exactly right. The air of uncertainty surrounding the Mets is bad business and bad for baseball in New York. The sooner they can clear it up, the better.

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