Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kevin Durant at the Movies

Kevin Durant is a man of many talents. Not only is he the most promising and, arguably, most exciting young player in the National Basketball Association, he’s also a pretty good film critic.

For the past few days, in between hours-long practices and work out sessions, Durant has been watching DVDs during his downtime, tweeting his by-the-minute commentary. Most recently, he screened "Obsessed," Beyonce’s broken-down star-making vehicle, and J.J. Abrams’ "Star Trek," which, given its November DVD release date, must be a bootleg or an advance copy or something.
Here are some of Durant’s more trenchant reactions to "Obesessed":

Man if I have a wife and we arguing and she say ‘get out my house’ ima laugh and ask her is she high lol…pleaaassseee.

Ladies don’t try n be like beyonce cuz the fellas will flip and kick yo a** out lol.

Moment of truth.

Lol beyonce got a big a** head..cuz she head butted da mess out that girl..I woulda been outtaaa dere…my scalp woulda been bruised.

While Durant clearly had a lot to say about Obsessed, in comparison, he wasn’t particularly taken with the latest incarnation of the Star Trek franchise. Or should I say enterprise? I get confused. Still, Durant did manage to bang out a few keepers, and raise a number of somewhat interesting if somewhat curious points.
If you ship run outta gas n space…where would you refuel at?
Good question, Kevin.
Zoe saldana is beautiful…nice smile.
Yes, she is
Spock as a little kid would beat da hell outta mcauley caulkin in home alone.
Highly illogical.
Dirty blond to redhead and back again. Don’t worry, Kirk’s still a natural dickhead underneath.
Sorry, that last line is from Anthony Lane’s "New Yorker" review of the film. You get the point, though. 

No word yet on which movie Durant plans on watching next? Here’s hoping he gets his hands on an early copy of "Julia & Julia." I can't wait to read what he has to say about Nora Ephron.

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