Monday, November 3, 2008

The Joy of Six

NPR, the world's coolest source of information, points out the story of the Meeteetse Longhorns, a high school football team from a sleepy town of 351 residents nestled between the Absaroka mountains and the Wyoming Badlands. 

This ain't your granddaddy's football team, though. Faced with an appropriately low student body of 34, Rick Paxton, the school's athletic director, decided to field a six-man football team

The games are played on an 80-yard field, which is kind of cool, but, since Wyoming doesn't yet have a six-man league, the team plays most of their games in Montana, which can't be too much fun for the young men, especially after the team's most recent 66-12 butt-whoppin' in their final game of their season.

Interestingly, Meeteetse High won state in Wyoming's nine-man championship tournament 15 years ago, in 1993. At this rate, by 2023, the team will be playing three v. three, much like I did during lunch recess in Catholic school.   

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