Saturday, November 29, 2008

This Can't Be Good for the Hamstring

New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress, who is currently rehabbing a strained right hamstring, reportedly shot himself in the right thigh late Saturday night at a New York City club, a few hours after team officials deemed him unfit to play against the Washington Redskins Sunday afternoon. 

Talk about self-inflicted wounds. 

Since Burress signed a five-year, $35 million contract with the Giants earlier this summer, he's managed to piss off everyone within the Giants organization. He was suspended for 12 days because he skipped a number of meetings, and was fined, by the National Football League, $45,000 for yelling at officials during the Giants victory over the San Francisco 49ers. This came after he shouted at Giants Coach Tom Coughlin for drawing an unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty. Coughlin later benched Burress for the fist quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers for missing a mandatory rehabilitation session for his neck and shoulder injury. 

I imagine we've seen the last of Burress in a Giants uniform.

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JMW said...

He also pissed off this fantasy football owner. What a wasted pick that was.