Friday, November 21, 2008

Odds & Sods

The New Yorker has some fantastic treats in this week’s issue. Take a bite out of this mouthwatering profile about the best little BBQ joint in Texas, which is, appropriately enough, run by a former rodeo clown and a middle school janitor. (I’m still partial to the Salt Lick myself). Wash it down with the magazine’s feature about Delaware’s Dogfish Head Beer. Fans of FreeDarko should check out the Seattle Weekly’s story—which includes the first coherent explanation of the most magically delicious basketball blog I’ve ever come across—about the mensch behind the site. My Knickerbockers just took a giant first step toward getting under the cap. And they’re apparently just getting started. Finally, FanIQ points out this hilarious video about what happens when mascots cross the line.

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