Thursday, November 13, 2008

Line of the Night

52 buckets. 19 treys. 28 assists. 132 points. The 5-3 New York Knickerbockers. 


JMW said...

Come on, Mr. Turtle. The Knicks line is awesome -- and encouraging. But...

Dwight. Howard.

Dude had a triple double with 19 rebounds, 10 blocks. As in, TEN.

Benjamin Turtle said...

Fair enough. I guess I was more impressed with 132 points. I almost put up Chandler's line, but, in comparison to Howard's, that would have been unjustifiable.

Also, there's a very good chance the Daily News didn't run the Magic/Thunder box score in their early edition, probably because it was a Magic/Thunder game. I only heard about Howard's output yesterday afternoon.